Performances/ Urban intervention/ A.I. art innovation

A.I. art-based research


Machine Learning ML algorithms (AI)/ CT scan,  the movement of the human body, there is a body beyond the artificial language - work in progress, research (dipl. eng. F Liber Ind. Robotics)

Body shape recognition


" You play, you assassinate, you cut, you drain the life from the biological body and then mimic it, endowing the anatomical material with the pictorial blood, in a "lively object-painting", transforming it into an inorganic study sequel, into a contemporary aesthetic  object. " CUT, PASTE, LIFE (study): Autonomous AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) - reinforced learning RL VENUS art algorithm (short demo below).             

HTA New York 2006


The body has the test of the installation-projection in urban / immersive environment (University of Montreal) and NY

Digital Virtuality, The Human Body Dismemberment


The desire to lose corporeality, to enter a cyberspace where the subject exists only through his objective representations, where determinations and  imperfections [...] fictitious character of the perception of the body. 

Technoscience & Arts, Bioinformatics


 I am defining corporealization as the interactions of humans and nonhumans in the distributed, heterogenous work processes of technoscience. 

Story of two Deicides


Nonchalance de Salome (The Dance Performance) & Dark Side of a God (Painting Show), 2003