| Pier 90| Spring 2019, 711 12th Avenue, Manhattan, NY, booth at ENTRANCE

 I N O R G A N I C - The Most Body Ego


ARTIST APPROACH  - The New Era of Embodiment

The body ego, as Freud said, that is, the most primitive and physical and organic ego.

It becomes clear that the violent conceptual explosions that have recently taken place were decisively influenced the re-definition of body images, of body perceptions.

Fifty years ago, the Francis Bacon thought, aimed to restore the body “to a kind of dignified, animal resignation”. For him, art was about ribs and forearms and eye sockets. It was about flesh over bone. Bacon never forgets that flesh is meat...

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Notable artists who have benefited from AENY: Andy Warhol, Peter Max, Robert Rauschenberg (Washington Post)