[Re]configurations selection

1. Painting show

"Tanz von Salome", EUROPE, 2003

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"Archaic Body" 2010

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"Primary Raw" New York, 2017

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2. Graduate Research & Book publishing

Graduate research at University of Montreal, technological and fine arts, 2005-06

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Book publication 175p, author F. Liber, publisher EUES, 2010 Germany

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3. La Beauté dans la Différence

Sculpture and performance - Lyotard's body deconstruction & Deleuze's difference, 2017 


Introducing Loemij

4. Immersive Installation

Installation projection in Lower Manhattan, New York City, NY, 2006

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5. Candid Mythica performance

International Center for Contemporary Arts in Vienna, AUSTRIA,  1997 

the show

6. Transylvania

Rural Installation 2016

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Somewhere in Eastern Europe, Post Communism footage. installations, 1998-2002

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