Performances/ Urban intervention/ Digital Virtuality

A.I. artrevolution


Machine Learning ML (artificial intelligence),  the movement of the human body ( there is a body beyond the artificial language - work in progress). Resolume algorithm  - research.  

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HTA New York 2006


The body has the test of the installation-projection in urban / immersive environment (University of Montreal)

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Digital Virtuality, The Human Body Dismemberment


The desire to lose corporeality, to enter a cyberspace where the subject exists only through his objective representations, where determinations and  imperfections can be corrected, transformed or adapted to the necessities of the subject is a consequence of this anxiety about fictitious character of the perception of the body.(F.Liber, ) 

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Cloning strata, atavism


 I am defining corporealization as the interactions of humans and nonhumans in the distributed, heterogenous work processes of technoscience. 

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Story of two Deicides


Nonchalance de Salome (The Dance Performance) & Dark Side of a God (Painting Show), 2003 

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LOEMIJ Theatre Rosas, Belgium


Sculpture and Performance - Lyotard's body deconstruction & Deleuze's difference

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