2nd Session of Human (Im)Perfect -contemporary Inorganic Sculpture, 2018-2021

[dim/tech] large immersive installations, natural size sculpture  50x20x18 inches, Phidias,  60x19x13 inches ,  61x17x11 inches or155x43x28 cm, Venus/  Obsidian, acrylic, epoxy, steel, enamel, gesso, plastic steel, marbre, stone, obsidian, involving art - nanotech, IoT, Body Shape Recognition/ Artificial Intelligence AI and machine learning ML algorithms and Reinforced Learning , AI art and more [...]  

UNNATURAL - second section, Sculpture

[key tags] Inorganic Sculpture, contemporary arts.  #upgradehumanity*,  unnatural - inorganic tissues, izomer bioinformatics., #biohackingart (2019-2022)

 * a movement that holds that human beings can and should use technology to augment and evolve our species (even elastic genome).